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I'm using the Oculus Quest with link cable, so basically it acts as an Oculus Rift. 

I can get the game to start on my PC but the headset is not detecting the game.

Does this game have Oculus support, or is it only Steam VR? 

me to


I found this on a youtube vid.


Appreciate the support! :)


This VR game is really cool! A little rough around the edges but for the low, low price of pay what you want (including free) it is a very good game. Played for over half an hour with my friend. It is somewhat reminiscent of SpyParty, but not limited to one shot. The game is very balanced. Thank you developers!

We intended it to be completely free, as it was a game developed within a 36-hour hackathon. We did plan to continue development on it one day. Thank you for the feedback


Really good game! My sister and I had hours of fun playing this game! It has a very good difficulty balance (the VR player has an almost equal chance of winning as the PC). I would really recommend this game. 

We are glad you and your sister enjoyed it! Hopefully we will be able to update it soon enough for more gameplay