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Available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive


Epochalyptic is a 2-player asymmetric VR game for two different people to play on a single system in a person-vs-person environment. (One person plays in VR, the other plays on the desktop). The desktop player's objective is to bypass the VR player and open up the three gates by hitting the terminals and make it to the end portal. The VR player's goal is to detect and terminate the player-controlled capsule among the identical roaming AI capsules and hit them with an arrow. 

It is still early-access and has a few bugs that are currently being worked on. 



WASD - Move player

Mouse - Look Around

Hold Shift - Sprint

Spacebar - Jump

1 - Invisible (For 2.5 seconds)

P - Reset game


Left Trigger (Or right trigger for left-handed people) - Pick up bow behind you at spawn

Right trigger (On bow string) - Pull back and let go to shoot arrow

Press down joystick and hold - Teleport to designated location (Let go to teleport)


Don Nakashima (https://riceballs.itch.io/)

Jason Pham (https://suchahassle.itch.io/)


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I found this on a youtube vid.

This VR game is really cool! A little rough around the edges but for the low, low price of pay what you want (including free) it is a very good game. Played for over half an hour with my friend. It is somewhat reminiscent of SpyParty, but not limited to one shot. The game is very balanced. Thank you developers!


Really good game! My sister and I had hours of fun playing this game! It has a very good difficulty balance (the VR player has an almost equal chance of winning as the PC). I would really recommend this game.